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Renewable energy consulting
photos: Dave Parsons, DOE/NREL; Warren Gretz, DOE/NREL; Sandia National Laboratories, DOE/NREL

NextWave Energy supports private sector parties who are building or growing businesses in the energy sector, by providing advice and professional support on strategy and capital formation to achieve commercial success and create wealth.

Business development support
Our interest is in seeing new and growing businesses in the energy sector succeed. We especially focus on assisting business leaders chart an envisioned path for success, and then providing or helping obtain the resources required to fulfill on that plan.

Focus on advanced energy technologies
NextWave Energy limits its interests to "advanced energy" - new energy technologies that present a novel approach relative to the conventional energy paradigms. The common element in these emerging technologies is their promise of significant economic and environmental benefits in energy production, delivery, and consumption. Each has potential for radically changing the energy industry playing field.

Founded by Richard Stuebi
With over 20 years of experience as an executive, consultant, investor and entrepreneur in the energy industry, NextWave Energy's President Richard Stuebi is uncommonly well-qualified to assist those who seek to make a difference - and make money - with innovative businesses and technologies in the energy sector.

If you have an interest in the energy sector, NextWave Energy is your partner for tomorrow’s answers today.

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