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Richard T. Stuebi

Richard Stuebi has 25 years of wide-ranging experience in the energy industry. Since founding NextWave Energy in early 1999, he has mainly focused on advanced energy technologies and business opportunities, and has a wide range of experience in both principal and advisory roles.

As President of NextWave Energy, Mr. Stuebi has assisted several clients with new energy businesses or technologies in various aspects of business development, including strategy and capital formation.  Reflecting NextWave Energy's entrepreneurial interests, Mr. Stuebi also participated directly in the founding and management of several energy-related ventures in their earliest stages of growth.  

Also, resulting from his tenure as the Fellow for Energy and Environmental Advancement at The Cleveland Foundation, where he was a Founding Principal of NorTech Energy Enterprise, Mr. Stuebi continues to support civic interests aiming to accelerate advanced energy activity in the Cleveland area,  He leads the Coalition for Great Lakes Offshore Wind, and serves as Secretary of the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation.  He also sits on the Advisory Boards of the Generation Foundation and GLWN.

In addition to his NextWave Energy practice, Mr. Stuebi is also an active participant in the cleantech capital markets.  He is a Managing Director at Early Stage Partners, a Cleveland-based venture capital firm, where he leads investment activities associated with early-stage cleantech opportunities in the Midwest. Mr. Stuebi is also an advisor to two cleantech private equity firms:  Los-Angeles based Craton Equity Partners and Singapore-based Novo Tellus Capital Partners. .

Mr. Stuebi is a member of the Board of Directors of:

EnLink Geoenergy Services, which provides geothermal heating and cooling systems for institutional and commercial buildings.
MAR Systems, which offers proprietary solutions to extract mercury and other heavy metals from water.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Stuebi was:

A Senior Vice President at Louis Dreyfus, the global commodity trading firm, where he was responsible for North American electric and gas business development activities.
A management consultant at McKinsey & Co., exclusively serving clients worldwide on energy-related topics. During his tenure at McKinsey, Mr. Stuebi primarily assisted clients on developing strategies and enhancing organizational capabilities to help them prepare for the onset of deregulation and restructuring in the electricity sector. He worked for extended periods with two of the five largest U.S. electric utilities, helping them position for success in the increasingly competitive industry.
An analyst of the North American electricity and coal industries at ICF Resources, a leading economic and environmental consulting firm based in the Washington DC area. Mr. Stuebi's work in analyzing the economic impacts of alternative acid rain legislation approaches was instrumental in the creation of sulfur dioxide emission allowances as part of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

From this long history of focused experience in the energy industry, Mr. Stuebi has wide knowledge of energy sector participants, activities, economics and regulations, and has formed strong perspectives on the energy sector's likely evolution and business strategies to capture emerging opportunities in the evolving marketplace.  Mr. Stuebi has authored several articles that have appeared in leading energy industry periodicals, and is a frequent presenter at major energy conferences. He is also a weekly contributor to CleanTechBlog, and an occasional contributor to the Huffington Post.

Before embarking upon his professional career, Mr. Stuebi earned degrees in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1984) and Stanford University (1986).


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