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Renewable energy consulting

Strategy, business plans, capital formation, analysis, advice and more…

We've advised large corporations on strategic issues of greatest importance to top management teams: mergers & acquisitions, marketing or supplier partnerships, new business initiatives, and so on.

We've developed viable business plans that resulted in raising capital. Over the past several years, we helped several early-stage ventures crystallize their ideas into sellable business concepts, subsequently leading to substantial equity commitments.

We've conducted numerous analyses of the economics, markets and competitors associated with new energy technologies, thereby providing critical decision support to company leadership and prospective investors.

We've been instrumental in helping business leaders develop the organizations of new ventures - including the hiring of senior financial, marketing and operational executives.

In short, we help generate incoming cash: either by attracting capital or accelerating sales.

Our experience helps to translate ideas into business success - and therefore into wealth. Whether it's to identify and assess novel business opportunities, help raise capital or sell products/services, provide assistance on a vexing analytic problem, or offer valuable counsel on a difficult business challenge, consider NextWave Energy your partner in providing the answers you need.

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