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About NextWave

NextWave renewable energy consulting

You are seeking to profitably grow your energy business. NextWave Energy offers services to help your firm reach its success aspirations.

Providing analytic expertise to better characterize business opportunities. This includes assessing energy market conditions (supply/demand, pricing) performing economic analyses of competing offers to customers in the marketplace, estimating market sizes, and profiling competitor activities.

Helping in the development of strong businesses that execute effectively. We support companies in making sound decisions on strategies and other key issues, and then in implementing their plans in the marketplace (e.g., by providing support on marketing and business development efforts).

Assisting in raising capital to support growth businesses. While NextWave Energy does not manage any capital and thus does not make cash investments, we know many parties that are interested in energy investment opportunities, and work with companies by helping them prepare for introductions and supporting them during subsequent discussions.



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